What to do when you are injured at work

When injured at work, it’s important that you take steps to aid your recovery, but to also make sure that you fulfill your obligations in order to apply for worker’s compensation. There are naturally then, 3 major steps that you must take.

Step 1: Immediate first aid

More important than anything when you’re injured at work is to first obtain medical treatment as soon as possible. Gain immediate first aid at work to aid in any medical procedures later. Once this is done, you must see a healthcare provider that has been authorized by the Worker’s Compensation Board, unless it is an emergency situation. Your workplace should be able to provide you a list of authorized providers in your state, or you can search online for one. It may also be

It may also be necessary to use an authorized pharmacist or diagnostic provider if required by your state. As long as the case is not disputed, the cost of your necessary medical expenses

As long as the case is not disputed, the cost of your necessary medical expenses will be paid for by your employer or their insurance carrier. The health care provider, may however, ask you to fill in paperwork stating that you will pay for the costs if the Workers’ Compensation board disallows the claim or you do not pursue workers’ compensation.

Step 2: Notify your supervisor/manager of the incident & injury

Get in touch with your manager or supervisor, inform them of the injury, how it happened, and when, as soon as sensibly possible. If the injury requires you to find urgent medical treatment, then do that first, and get in touch with your supervisor as soon as the injury is under controlled. Otherwise, inform them before you seek treatment so they are aware of the situation and take steps themselves to enable your workers compensation claim.

If you do not notify your supervisor within 30 days of the accident that caused the injury, then you will lose your right to the Worker’s Compensation benefits.

If you have an occupational disease, rather than an accident causing injury, then you must inform your supervisor/manager within 2 years after coming under disability due to the disease, or within 2 years of you finding out that the disease is related to the workplace.

Step 3: Apply for Workers’ Compensation Benefit

Approach your employer asking for a Workers’ Compensation Benefit claim form – normally a C-3 form. You must then mail this to your state’s nearest Workers’ Compensation board. As above, if you do not do this within a certain time-frame, you will lose your right to claim for the compensation.

What to do afterward

After the previous steps have been taken, it is then advisable to do everything in your own best interests. Your first priority should be to make sure you do everything your doctor tells you to, to aid in a quicker recovery from your injury. You should also have an examination performed by an independent doctor so that you have a valid, unbiased second opinion on your condition.

You should also go back to work as soon as practically possible so that your financial situation isn’t too badly effected.

Finally, you should ensure you go to any hearings that are organized for your case by the Workers’ Compensation Board, or again, you may lose your right to compensation benefits.

Hopefully, this guide has given you some good information on what to do in the unfortunate event you do suffer from an injury at work. Remember, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!