What to look for in a lawyer

Firstly, a big thank you to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENJdcIRoTf0 for some of the information contained in this post!

In the unfortunate event that you suffer an injury at work and need to find a lawyer that can help you apply for workers’ compensation benefits, you may be wondering what you should look for in a lawyer. We’ll try and give you some guidance in this blog post.

What you should look for in a lawyer to represent you


The most important thing you should look for in a lawyer representing you is experience. You should search for a lawyer that has specialized experience in the field of workers compensation and knows the pitfalls and hidden dangers to watch out for, as well as the best way to handle any situation that arises.

Success Rate

Obviously, as these lawyers will be fighting for your cause in the case, you want to make sure that the lawyers you choose have a track record of winning cases for their clients. There are a few ways you can do this; finding client testimonials, Checking out their Google reviews, or if you wanted to be very thorough, you could look through the court’s records for instances of the lawyer’s cases.


You want to make sure you choose a lawyer with honesty. Lawyers have a bad reputation for dishonesty, so when you meet with yours, you want to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible in their presence. If you feel comfortable they are telling the truth, then so will others, and trust is how court cases are won.

Communication Skills

Lawyers make their living through their communication skills. If they were unable to communicate they wouldn’t be able to get their point across in the courtroom, they wouldn’t be able to interpret evidence and they wouldn’t be able to understand what people mean rather than say. If a lawyer has poor communication skills, they would be unable to efficiently speak to you, their client, insurance agents or the courtroom productively.


You have to be sure your lawyer is committed to working with you and giving you the best service possible. This doesn’t just mean that they want to win your case but are also committed to making your life better, easier to work with them and making sure the process of taking your employer or insurance agent to court is as easy as possible. They must be committed to making sure your life is as easy as possible following your injury if you need time to recover.


And last but not least, the cost of the lawyers. There are two main schools of thought when it comes to fees for lawyers: “No Win, No Fee”; those that charge nothing upfront and only take a percentage of the benefits you earn as a result of the court case, and those that do charge upfront and don’t take a percentage.

Which one you choose will be a personal decision depending on your financial situation, but we would always recommend paying up-front for a lawyer if you can afford to. This is because not only will you most likely have less to gain if you give a percentage of your final benefits to your legal team, and end up paying more in the long run, but also those that charge upfront know how good their service is and so price accordingly. They are confident they can fulfill your case which improves your chances of winning.

We hope this guide has been helpful!